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Narcissi is an independent production company co-founded by Majid Khabazan, a seasoned TV and documentary producer, director, and filmmaker.

Established in 2016, the company has swiftly made its mark, producing high-quality TV shows, limited documentaries, and impactful charity adverts.

That includes the flagship biweekly program “Free Word” (or “Kalima Horra” in Arabic). This program is uniquely presented with a live studio audience for an engaging experience. Additionally, Narcissi has adapted to the challenges posed by the COVID outbreak, presenting a variant of the “Kalima Horra” programme of  round-table style featuring panelists and online guests without a live audience.The company has further contributed to the television landscape with the production of “Stigma,” a series featuring a studio audience. Notable documentary include the insightful exploration of “Modern Slavery” Moreover, Narcissi has created a short yet impactful TV advert shedding light on the lives of Children Living in War Zones. While Narcissi may be a relatively young company, Majid Khabazan, its co-founder, who is currently the sole owner and company directorbrings over thirty years of experience in the industry. His extensive involvement in various documentary and TV productions serves as the bedrock of Narcissi’s commitment to delivering exceptional content. Explore some of Majid’s noteworthy works listed [HERE].

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We can conceptualise program ideas, handle the design details, or manage the entire production of shows in studios across London and documentaries all over the world.

Narcissi offers comprehensive assistance to filmmakers throughout the entire production process – from the initial stages of brainstorming ideas to research and filming, as well as all post-production phases, with a special focus on high-quality editing tailored for broadcasting or social media platforms.

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